About Moniso

I arrived in Los Angeles from Mexico at the age of 17, with my heart as my suitcase, full of dreams and hopes for a better future for myself and my family, who have always been my greatest inspiration. Although the journey has been full of challenges, each one has been an opportunity to grow and learn. My deep admiration for my culture and my love for fashion led me to create Moniso, a boutique that transforms lives and empowers everyone who wears our clothing.

Moniso is more than a clothing boutique; it is a tribute to Latin culture and a celebration of fashion, founded and led by a Mexican woman with a passionate vision. Here, contemporary and trendy fashion merges with t-shirt designs originally inspired by Latin America, reflecting the richness and diversity of our roots and culture.

With the love and support of my husband, my daughters, my family, and all of you, my beautiful community, I have been able to move forward and make my dreams come true. Thank you for being part of this story and for all the support you give me! Let’s continue designing ideas and weaving dreams together.

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